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Financial Team

Oxford Credit Banque Limited (OCB) is a Non-Banking and Non-Financial Institution offering its services, through its Principals and Associates experience over many years. OCB has recently established a presence in London with its associates, partners and collaborators having an international reach. OCB works on a sound business model that focuses on building and nurturing long term relationships with its customers and promoting business growth. Our unparalleled expertise in providing customised trade finance solutions have enabled us to meet within reason suitable financial requirements of our clients.

Our collaborative team collectively have over a century’s worth of accumulated trading and business experience. Widespread networks and a deep knowledge of the intricacies of markets allows us to deliver tailor made and robust trade finance solutions. We build our success on the partnerships we forge with our clients and industry counter parts. We advocate establishing long term sustainable relationships and believe in supporting our clients growth and progressing with them.


In today’s commercial trade industry, finance plays a major and significant role. We have the expertise to offer consultation and advise on various kinds of financial instruments that will help in enhancing business and growth.


Business traders selectively provide financial intermediation services to their most important and long standing counter parties. These services often take the form of Structured Trade Finance (STF) transactions that incorporate funding, trade credit, risk management with trading related services like supply, storage, processing and shipping. STF transactions are a natural extension of the underlying physical trading relationship between buyer and seller which is self liquidating in nature.

We consult and facilitate in arranging

  • Letter of Credit
  • Standby Letter of Credit
  • Documentary Collection
  • Proof of Funds
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Bank Guarantee


With a wealth of experience by our principals and associates in international financing advisory services, Oxford Credit Banque Limited is able to offer its clients innovative solutions in trade finance through its local and international counterparts. We are the preferred choice in the trade finance facilities we offer to our customers.


  • Seamless financing solutions and options for trade financing services, which includes imports, exports, bonded warehousing and transport.
  • Release of working capital and provide you with payment terms that closely match your cash flow cycle.
  • Personal attention to your funding requirements whether long or short term.
  • Competitive rates and cost savings.
  • Advantageous process to pay your suppliers.
  • Various Guarantee instruments and Letter of Credit access.
  • Where the necessary information has been made available, we can activate your application within a matter of days, subject to Terms and Conditions.